Mitch Vail

“I’ve been a firefighter for 17 years, and the president of my union for 7 years.
I first competed in 2013 in Men’s Physique and placed 3rd in two provinces, NB, PEI. I then went on to nationals in 2014, competing 4 more times before winning Men’s Physique Tall class in 2017.
I’ll be travelling to Toronto for a Pro-Qualifier show, on Oct 20, 2018.
There will be plenty more shows in the coming future, I just focus on the next show.

I’m a proud father to my biggest supporter, my daughter Lily. She attends all my local shows cheering for me every time.”


Hello my name is John Stewart.

Presently employed with the Canadian Armed Forces, army division and have been enjoying the bodybuilding world in the last year.
My first competition was the ECC 16 where I placed 3rd in my division, master’s physique.
I then went on to the Provincials where I placed 2nd in Nova Scotia, then represented NS at the IEQ in Laval Quebec placing 3rd in Canada.
Just recently completed at the ECC 17, one year anniversary and placed 2nd in the classic physique division.

Check back to see how John places in two divisions at the next nationals!

Allen Mehan


Allen Mehan has not only broke world records, but has set them. He’s a legend to body builders but yet is so humble. We were pleased to yet again have Allen visit Naturally Fit Fredericton. He’s trained here countless times and says that even though he’s trained at some of the strongest powerlifting gyms all across the world, he still loves the atmosphere (and back powerlifting room out back) here at Naturally Fit!


Back in 1998, The World’s Strongest Man was held in Saint John. Allen squatted 800lbs for a set of 5 and 1000lbs for a set of 2! 

**Naturally Fit had its first ever booth at this event**

In ’98 Mehan was the 9th person on the planet to squat over 1000lbs; it was ground breaking at the time! By 1999 Allen set the all-time world record squatting 1010.5lbs at the first WPL meet as well as winning in the Super Heavy Weights.

Allen has been powerlifting since 1989. For the past 28 years he has competing and within that time he was won;

  • 13 Arnold Classics
  • 4 Mr. Olympias
  • New England Canadian Championships, with the biggest total in Canada’s history with 2688lbs!
  • Won The United States Nationals
  • Won West Side Barbells last year, 2016
  • Won IPAY Worlds
  • Won GPG Worlds
  • Won IPL Worlds
  • Won APF Worlds
  • WPC Worlds
  • Won IDA’s Worlds
  • Has been able to do 2400lbs every year since 2001-2017
  • Has squatted over 1000lbs every year 1998-2017
  • Has totalled over 2600kbs x 4, and 2500lbs x31 times

After 11 years, Allen competed 50lbs heavier than in 2006 which was 2454. This year was 2525lbs at Worlds in Nova Scotia.

His best 3 lifts are;

1168lbs squat

788lbs bench

788lbs pull



Even the Paul the Apostle says in the scriptures that physical exercise profits to some extent, but does not encompass the entirety of who we are created to be. He recognized the value of physical exercise, but that it is not enough to focus on that alone. So, I believe in building a frame of strength and fitness that reflects something bigger on the inside; a mind hungry for wisdom and truth, and a spirit hungry for goodness, courage, and humility. Most importantly, I believe is to have a spirit and heart after God. In essence, strength and character come with the growth of body, soul, and spirit so that what is finally developed is something internal which a fit and well-built frame symbolizes. It is internal development—soul and spirit—that is the greatest contribution to strength. It is this kind of strength that embodies character and integrity, and is realized in how much strength you are able to give to those around you. A recent film, ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ depicts this so clearly . . . one who is so unimpressive on the outside is a virtual tower of strength on the inside, continually giving and being there for others. Balance is the critical issue; it is not either/or. The scripture, once again, admonishes us to remember that our body is a temple and we are to look after it in like fashion. True strength then is seen in what you are able to give out, as a result of all the traits that God has developed within you.

-Mike MacLean


Matt Niles
Shoulder Workout

Smith Machine Shoulder Press

-4 Sets Of 5-6 Reps

Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Shoulder Press

-4 Sets Of 5-6 Reps

Dumbbell Overhead Shoulder Press

-3 Sets Of 5-6 Reps

Bent Over Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises

-4 Sets Of 5-6 Reps

Dumbbell Front Raises

-4 Sets Of 5-6 Reps

Hammer Strength Standing Shrugs

-3 Sets Of 8-12 Reps

“We are the 4 Engineer Support Regiment Body Building & Physique Team.
Our goal is to bring like minded soldiers together forming an environment to motivate, share experiences, gather information and improve our level of personal fitness with the intent of competing in local body building & physique competitions. We come from diverse lifestyles, all ranks, trades, body types and ages but share the same positive attitude with a keen interest in weight lifting and are eager to succeed. Some members have competed and are able to share what they’ve learned through their personal experiences, others have wanted to compete but didn’t know where to start. This team has made these goals possible. Everyone, no matter their fitness level or experience, brings something to the group whether it be knowledge of nutrition, exercises, stage presence or just a positive attitude that keeps everyone moving forward. Each member is an asset to the team and is there to motivate and succeed.  Stay tuned as we will have updates and helpful tips from the Team.”

Congratulations To Corey Janes,

Winner Of Provincials!

Check Out His Work Outs Below!
Shoulder Workout Used By The Champ!

“One of my favorite things to do is bench press. I switch things up from barbell to dumbbell each week on my second bench day to help combat strength imbalance from side to side in my body, forcing each side to do equal amount of work.
I like to incorporate negatives, and slingshot work into my program for not only building muscle by increasing time under tension but tools to help bench heavier weight pain free.”

Here is one of my chest workouts:

Eva Dunbar’s 002 Chest Workout!

1. Barbell Flat Bench Press
5 sets 20, 15, 12, 8-10, followed by 1 set AMRAP with 85% of 1RM

2. Incline Barbell Press Superset
Incline Dumbell Flyes (4 sec negatives)
4 sets of 10-12 reps

3. Dumbbell Floor Presses
5 sets of 8 reps – keep same weight, pausing at the bottom for 2 seconds

4. Peck Deck Flyes
3 sets ( 3 drops 10 reps each)

5. Dynamic Duo Countdown:
Weighted Dips supersetted with Feet Elevated Push-ups.
With no rest between exercises until you are completely finished.
Start at 8 reps with each exercise and work your way down to 1 rep.
Do not lower the weight for dips.




There are 3 important factors to being successful at both disciplines. All of which compliment both the powerlifting and bodybuilding realms

The first is nutrition.
It’s not easy being disciplined with food all year round. If it was, the human species would walk the earth looking like human anatomy charts.
Instead, we live in a world of wants vs need, taking more pleasure in sinful sugars, than the basics of leafy foliage.
We’ve become carb attics, chasing the fix and quantified our indulgences instead of quality.
You must eat to perform well in training and you must eat the proper quantities to look a certain way. It’s all about finding that balance.


The second is training. You have to train hard. That doesn’t mean spending half your time surfing Facebook and snap chatting your latest selfie. Go to work! You should need those rest periods between sets and you shouldn’t look the same way leaving the gym then when you started and if your worried about wardrobe malfunctions, hair or makeup streaks, perhaps you should invest in a yoga mat.
You can’t expect to get results if your not willing to put in the work and get in the grind. Those last grueling reps, where you almost can’t finish, trying to beat the amount of reps you got last time it started to burn. How far can you go? How hard can you push your body? Most people never truly know exactly how far that is or what it feels like to almost be there. Be smart in your training. There are many types of lifters out there. Personally, I can suffer through intensity with volume and percentage, but a lot of people are one or the other. You need to work with a program that is designed to fit your level and type of training, not some cookie cutter program you got off the Internet, or from a well known bodybuilder or your favorite power lifter.

The third important factor is mindset. You have to believe you can lift it. You have to believe you can build it. Having confidence in the weight room right through to the platform and stage is the difference between nailing the pose or grinding out the lockout. Nobody can do it for you or teach you to believe in yourself.

Each discipline is intense, but power lifting has allowed me to push my body, understand my limitations and kick fear in the face. I have managed to build a quality well rounded physique being placed 3rd best women’s physique in Canada through a combination of power lifting and bodybuilding training. One being utilized at the right time for specificity, and bodybuilding to help bring up lagging body parts and muscle growth, which ultimately will make me stronger.

I love muscle. What’s better than muscle? Strong muscles, and a woman that wears them well.

What’s next? It’s power lifting season again, and perhaps time to dominate another weight class.

Eva Dunbar’s 001 Leg Workout!

*** indicated weight Eva used***
Please adjust according to your own strength

1) Barbell Back Squats – work up to 2 hard sets

***295lbs x 13 reps 

Perform the Following in Order listed
(Rest 2 minutes between sets. 4 sets in total)

2) Leg Extensions x 15 reps
***105lbs (paused 2 seconds at top)
***295lbs x 13 reps

3) Front Barbell Squats to failure
***final set 235lbs4) Leg Extensions x 15 rep

Perform the Following in Order listed
(Rest 2 minutes between sets. 4 sets in total)

5) Lying Hamstring Curl x 15 reps (4 second negative)

6) Leg Press to Failure (feet position high/close)

7) Seated Leg Curl x 15 reps (4 second negative)

8) Smith Alternating Lunges 
4 sets 20/15/12/10 reps pyramiding up in weight
*** 67lbs/107lbs/157lbs/197lbs


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