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About Us

Never in history has the Canadian economy been stronger than the US... until now.  This has been strongly reflected in the Supplement Industry.  Since 1999, NF has witnessed the awesome growth of Canadian-produced supplements.  The bottom line is this:  Canadian-produced supplements are the industry leaders in quality, purity, potency and by far offer the highest manufacturing standards.

The majority of the products that we carry are produced in Canada!  When you buy Canadian supplements, you support the Canadian economy.

Fact:  US bought orders are delayed, even halted at the border.  Extra fees, duty charges, etc, etc.

Fact:  There are 10’s of thousands of products and name brands out there.  Truth: They all use the same ingedients with different formulas.  The trick is the obtain the best deal with the most efficient results.  We carry the best of the best with NO B.S!!!

Fact:  Don't need to fall for multi-million dollar advertising tricks of the huge US companies.  Canadian-produced supplements have same or better ingredients, better purity and taste better.

At NF, we make it our job to provide the best support to you, the best products and the best prices in Canada.  We ship the same day.  Contact us anytime for help, questions, wholesale deals - We will respond live within 24 hours!

The Naturally Fit team appreciates your order!  Thanks so much for your supporting a Pure Canadian company.  We look forward to providing all your sport supplement needs!

NF History

Canadians Supplying Canadians

Naturally Fit was started by Canadian soldiers supplying Canadian soldiers in Bosnia, in 1999.  We currently have stores from the East Coast to the West Coast of Canada.