Portabello Pizza

Portabello Pizza


– 2 Portabello mushrooms

– extra lean ground turkey

– 1 tbsp organic pizza sauce (read the ingredients)

– fat free shredded cheese

– Flavor God Pizza seasoning


– pre-heat oven to 350C

– in a hot non-stick pan, cook the ground turkey thoroughly. Sprinkle on desired amount of Flavour God seasoning while cooking. Measure out 3 oz of turkey and set aside.

– remove the stems from the mushrooms, leaving only the caps

– spread 1/2 tbsp of pizza sauce onto each mushroom cap

– evenly spoon on half the measured amount of ground turkey onto each mushroom cap

– lightly top each pizza with shredded cheese

– place the caps onto a wire cookie cooling rack

– bake on the cooling rack for approximately 8-10 minutes, until the cheese has melted

– remove from oven and allow to cool slightly

– grab some utensils and enjoy these healthy mini pizzas!


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