ANS Performance N-Pro | Lean Whey Protein | 4lbs



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If you purchase this product you will earn 69 NF Bucks worth $6.90!

NF Bucks Rewards
If you purchase this product you will earn 69 NF Bucks worth $6.90!

Premium Quality Lean Protein

Achieve ultimate results with this versatile sustained release protein!

  • Build high quality muscle with this delicious high quality protein blend!
  • Get 6 different protein sources to balance fast, intermediate & extended absorption with a built-in digestive enzyme complex.
  • Works for pre/post workout, mixes easily and tastes delicious.


N-Hance Your Gains. N-Joy The Taste.

N-PRO the professional choice for muscle feeding nitrogen from 100% whole protein.

N-PRO lean protein supplement is the epitomy of protein quality, a designer blend of 6 different forms of whole protein formulated for rapid, intermediate and sustained delivery of muscle building fuel. Cross-flow, cold-processed and microfiltered, these high quality and high biological value proteins will provide hours of sustained ammunition for enhanced muscle protein generation.

Nutritional studies have compared whey protein alone to combinations of whey protein with slower digesting proteins like egg and casein and witnessed that the blends are superior:

1) Blends promotes a longer positive nitrogen balance;
2) Blends trigger higher levels of muscle protein synthesis, as well as
3) Blends offer a prolonged duration of amino acid absorption – and thus muscle growth and recovery.

Combine these benefits of the carefully crafted blend of high quality proteins with nothing but the highest standard of flavor decadence and you get N-PRO. No added amino acids, maltodextrin or fatty creamers; no gluten and no banned substances; just 26 grams of delicious protein for you to N-Joy and is designed to N-Hance your gains!

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