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Mammoth BURN 

Designed to be used by both men and women who are looking to take their fat and weight loss goals to the next level.

Regardless if you are a business professional, an elite athlete, or anyone in between, the advanced thermogenic benefits of BURN will be experienced by everyone.

When using BURN you will experience a noticeable boost in energy, a surge in fat-burning, a revved metabolism and reduced appetite.


MAMMOTH BURN takes a three tiered approach to weight loss.

First is a strong Thermogenic to increase  metabolic rate, metabolize fat, carb block and also stabilize blood sugar levels. 

These 5 key ingredients in Mammoth Burn work together to create that effect:

Thermogenic (fat burning)

• L-Carnatine

• Green Coffee Bean Extract

• Caffeine

• Olive Leaf Extract

  • Advantra

Sensory & Mood Enhancement 

Individually these ingredients are mood enhancers and fight against antioxidants & protect against free radicals. Combined together they boost cognition and alertness.

  • Nutmeg extract & caffeine
  • L- Tyrosine 

Satiety (the feeling of fullness)

  • L-Tyrosine & Caffiene

Get ready to BURN!!  🔥 Ignite your Fat-Burning Goals.



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