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Regular exercise and a demanding lifestyle may require your nutrient levels to be at their best. Nu-Life Active Women’s Multi supplies all the essential nutrients to maintain optimal energy levels and more. Specially formulated for women who exercise regularly, are always on the go or for those who are exposed to high stress levels. Containing higher levels of B-Complex vitamins, extra minerals and a potent blend of antioxidants. Ultimate One for Active Women is a high quality multi designed to support enhanced energy levels, better ability to deal with stress and improved physical performance.

  • Designed Specially For Active Women
  • Higher Potency B-Complex Dosage
  • High-Potency Antioxidant Complex
  • Highly Absorbable
  • Supports Healthy Energy Levels


Nu Life

Nu Life Ultimate One multivitamins, Cranactive, Proactive, HemoPlex and Focus Formula can be found online in Canada at National Nutrition. Nu-Life vitamins supplements provides you with the highest quality ingredients in their supplements to help you and your family towards optimum health.

The Ultimate One for Active Women
The Ultimate One Women Active is a complete multiple vitamin/mineral for active women. It contains higher levels of the B-complex vitamins for stress management and energy enhancement, higher potencies of minerals for improved physical performance and skeletal health and a potent antioxidant blend to protect against free-radical damage.

Women’s Health Health
PMSmenopause, pregnancy, stress, breast health, sexual health and emotional well being. These are all major health concerns for women – some frustrating like PMS, others wonderful like pregnancy. What each has in common is a large hormonal component. Hormones can fluctuate drastically depending on diet, nutritional status, toxicity level, and other factors such as job and family stress.

The female human body can be thought of as a complex network of cells that communicate via hormone messengers. These messengers are responsible for telling cells what to do and when to do it. In the female body the sex hormones, estrogen, progesterone, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), and testosterone, play an important role in the maintenance of health and fertility. High or low levels of these hormones can cause different complaints, depending on the age of a woman. In addition, normal hormone levels protect other body systems from breaking down, for example the cardiovascular and skeletal systems.

The liver and bowels are important organs for women’s health because they are responsible for processing hormones and excreting processed hormones. Performing liver and bowel detoxification will help to decrease most women’s health concerns by ensuring proper functioning of these organs and thereby regulating hormone levels. The thyroid and adrenal glands work as a team with the ovaries to regulate sexual functioning within the overall health of the woman. This explains why other medical concerns such as hypothyroidism, stress, depression and malnourishment can lead to infertility.

The female monthly hormonal cycle is very complex and may not be fully understood by modern science as of yet. Here are the basic components in a nutshell. The brain releases FSH which stimulates the maturation of an ovarian follicle, containing an egg. The follicle produces estrogen, which thickens the uterine lining. After 7 to 21 days the follicle is mature, the lining is ready, and the egg is released.

LH stimulates the remainder of the follicle (corpus luteum) to produce progesterone. Estrogen levels are dropping and if the egg is not fertilized than progesterone levels also decline. Bleeding occurs when there is not enough estrogen to maintain the uterine lining. The cycle then repeats itself. Testosterone is released at various times in the cycle and boosts libido. Breast tissue is also stimulated by the hormonal changes of each cycle to prepare for breastfeeding if pregnancy occurs.

Once a female reaches menarche the body’s hormone system’s primary goal is fertility and maintenance of a healthy pregnancy. Female health concerns that may be related to hormonal changes during the fertile years are acne, anemia, anxiety, candidiasis, depression, uterine fibroids, breast cysts, headaches, premenstrual syndrome and urinary tract infections.

To balance fluctuations in hormones that occurs during the monthly cycle

    • Eat a well-balanced diet rich in nutrients that build anti-inflammatory and calming substances like essential fatty acids.
    • Maintain a balanced lifestyle that includes time for work, rest and play.
    • Use nutritional supplements and herbal products at the appropriate time of the cycle.

To increase the production of anti-inflammatory compounds in the body take unrefined, cold pressed nut and seed oils like flax, hemp, sunflower and sesame oil. Nutritional and supplemental programs should be aimed at supporting or balancing estrogen levels in the first half of the cycle and progesterone levels in the second half of the cycle.

Maintain your Health Daily by:
-Staying active and do things you enjoy.
-Eating a natural, whole food diet.
-Eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.
-Taking a high quality multi-vitamin.
-Avoiding refined, processed and packaged foods.
-Detoxing regularly.
-Avoid excess coffee, and other stimulants
-Drink plenty of pure water.
-Use stress relieving techniques such as deep breathing and meditation.
-Laugh often.
-Take a protein supplement.
-Ensure your getting enough essential fatty acids (the good fats).


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60 Caplets


One caplet daily, with a meal or as directed by a health professional.


Ultimate One Multi’s do not contain preservatives, artificial colour, dairy, starch, wheat, gluten or yeast.



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