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Strenuous exercise and a demanding lifestyle may require your nutrient levels to be at their best. Nu-Life Ultimate One for Active Men supplies essential nutrients to maintain optimal physical performance, energy levels and more. Enhanced with a high-potency B-complex to help combat stress and increase energy, increased dosages of iron and chromium to help improve physical performance and a superior antioxidant complex. Ultimate One Multi is specially formulated for active males whose lifestyle demands boundless energy.

  • Designed Specially For Active Men.
  • High Potency B Vitamins To Help Increase Energy And Decrease Stress On The Body.
  • Highly Absorbable.
  • Increases Dosages Of Iron And Chromium For Better Performance.
  • Provides Antioxidant Protection.


Nu Life

Nu Life Ultimate One multivitamins, Cranactive, Proactive, HemoPlex and Focus Formula can be found online in Canada at National Nutrition. Nu-Life vitamins supplements provides you with the highest quality ingredients in their supplements to help you and your family towards optimum health.

The Ultimate One for Adult Men

The Ultimate One Men Adult is an award-winning multiple vitamin/mineral formula that provides nutrients for men with sedentary lifestyles. It features highly absorbable vitamin and mineral forms, a lower-potency B-complex, antioxidants and added zinc for healthy prostate function.

Men’s Health
The human body can be thought of as a complex network of cells that communicate via hormone messengers. These messengers are responsible for telling cells what to do and when to do it. In the male body, androgenic sex hormones, like testosterone, play an important role in the maintenance of health and fertility. High or low levels of androgens can cause different complaints, depending on the age of a man. In addition, normal hormone levels are responsible for the physical features that distinguish men from women, for example, muscle mass, jaw line and body shape.

The liver and bowels are important organs for men’s health because they are responsible for processing hormones and excreting processed hormones. Performing liver and bowel detoxification will help to decrease some men’s health concerns by ensuring proper functioning of these organs and thereby allowing the processing of estrogenic compounds. The thyroid and adrenal glands form an axis with the testes to regulate sexual functioning within the overall health of the man. This explains why other medical concerns such as hypothyroidism, stress and depression can lead to infertility.

A diet high in animal products is high in saturated fats and may contain estrogenic chemicals. Fat cells contain enzymes that convert testosterone to estrogen. The more fat cells a man has the more testosterone can be converted. Estrogenic chemicals are found in meat and dairy products for several reasons. The animals are consuming feed and water that contains estrogenic environmental by-products. They may also be given hormones to speed growth and maturation. Free range and organic animal products are a better choice because they do not contain estrogenic compounds from drugs. Their feed and water is usually also monitored for such substances.
Animal protein also compromises detoxification by slowing intestinal transit time. A man whose diet is high in animal products is absorbing more processed toxins and fats from his intestines.

Prostate Health
Prostate problems occur when the gland becomes infected or swollen. Infection can occur directly in the prostate or it can be a complication of a urinary tract infection. The most common prostate condition is benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It occurs in men over the age of fifty (but can occur earlier) due to hormonal imbalances, heredity, poor diet, nutrient deficiencies or high cholesterol. The growth of malignant or benign tumours can also cause prostate swelling. It is important to have your prostate monitored by your doctor. Your PSA level (prostate specific antigen) can indicate the degree of enlargement. Make at least yearly appointments past age forty for this test

Maintain your Health Daily by:
-Staying active and do things you enjoy.
-Eating a natural, whole food diet.
-Eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.
-Taking a high quality multi-vitamin.
-Avoiding refined, processed and packaged foods.
-Detoxing regularly.
-Avoid excess coffee, and other stimulants
-Drink plenty of pure water.
-Use stress relieving techniques such as deep breathing and meditation.
-Laugh often.
-Take a protein supplement.
-Ensure your getting enough essential fatty acids (the good fats).


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60 Caplets


One caplet daily, with a meal or as directed by a health professional.


Ultimate One Multi’s do not contain preservatives, artificial colour, dairy, starch, wheat, gluten or yeast


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