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Cygen, Tru-Trim Fat Burner (60 Servings) $43.99


Cygen, Tru-Trim Fat Burner (60 Servings) $43.99

$43.99 $54.99

Cygen Labs Tru­‐Trim is a blend of ingredients that is sure to become a staple in your weight loss stack. Tru-­Trim has been formulated with a serious max dose of 4g of L-Carnitne and 200mg of Caffeine, which gives you a powerful, fat-­‐burning experience. You will not only feel confident that you are meeting your physique goals, but you will also feel the surge of energy that will help you get through even the most gruelling workouts. Tru­‐Trim has also been formulated with a sccientifically dosed amount of Fenugreek Extract Powder (*Standardized to 70% Galactomannan) which aids in reducing body fat percentage when used in conjunction with a resistance training regimen. With an unbeatable taste, and a fully transparent nutrition panel, rest assured Cygen Labs Tru‐Trim will give you the edge you have been looking for in time for diet season and contest prep.

  • Fat Burning Support
  • Increase Energy
  • Great Taste

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