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***Mutant MADNESS (50 Servings), 375g


***Mutant MADNESS (50 Servings), 375g

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Mutant Madness

New and improved MUTANT MADNESS seizes the pre-workout experience, and vaults it to a whole new extreme level! Engineered exclusively for high intensity workouts only, this extra premium formula will jolt your senses. We warn you — seriously — read the entire label first before trying — use responsibly!
Mutant's maybe most powerful PWO! This product particularly targets experienced athletes who are searching for the certain extra.

The new, highly concentrated PWO from Mutant
Potent mix from - among others - creatine, arginine, citrulline and beta-alanine
335 mg caffeine from 5 different sources
Phenomenal taste

Mutant Madness is the PWO that will transform your workout into a Mutant experience. We don't promise too much - Extend your limits with Madness!

Mutant Madness is a product especially developed for athletes who are searching for the certain extra! The ingredients for this PWO have been carefully selected with consideration of latest scientific findings. If you like PWOs you will love Mutant Madness!

Among other ingredients Mutant Madness contains beta-alanine, creatine and caffeine. These key elements are embedded in an innovative matrix that makes the product unique - for meeting your highest expectations!


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