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XP Labs, Gylco XP (2lb)

XP Labs

XP Labs, Gylco XP (2lb)

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Revolutions in the world of sports nutrition are truly rare. Every year, some fly-by-night company claims to have discovered the next big thing, only to fail to live up to the hype. However, once in a very long while, something comes along that has the potential to change the game forever. That something is here – NOW.

It’s an ingredient so extraordinary that it has become the secret weapon of All-Pro NFL football players, world-class endurance athletes, professional hockey players, soccer players, tennis players, and Olympic swimmers. The ingredient is called WM-HDP, and it’s the cornerstone behind the most revolutionary sports nutrition formula to hit the market since Creatine Monohydrate. The formula is called GLYCO-XP, and sports nutrition will never be the same.

Problem: Carbs Can Make You Fat!

The problem with the carbohydrate sources found in just about every sports drink, pre-workout and post-workout formula on the market is that they use simple sugars like sucrose, fructose, dextrose or maltodextrin. These sugars cause very rapid spikes in insulin followed by very rapid crashes. These frequent insulin fluctuations can wreak havoc with your body’s ability to burn fat and can increase the risk of obesity and even diabetes! If your goal is build a lean, strong and muscular physique, the cheap, simple carbs in the workout product you’re currently using is NOT the way to go. Science has discovered a much better solution!

A Fat Burning Carbohydrate? Really?

You’d better believe it! Thanks to a truly revolutionary sports nutrition innovation, what was once thought impossible is now a reality. Scientists have created a healthy, all-natural carbohydrate source that literally increases your metabolism while increasing fat oxidation. A game changer like this is rare indeed. This carbohydrate is the engine behind the GLYCO-XP: The World’s 1st Thermogenic Carbohydrate Fuel, and may change the science of sports nutrition forever.

GLYCO-XP: Next Generation Fuel

The key ingredient in GLYCO-XP delivers high-performance, sustained energy without spiking or crashing your blood sugar levels. GLYCO-XP improves metabolic efficiency to put you in an ideal performance state.


GLYCO-XP is powered by a natural, slow burning, sustained release carbohydrate source. It is vastly superior for performance and body composition than maltodextrin, dextrose, sucrose or fructose. It literally renders all other carbohydrate formulas obsolete!

GLYCO-XP is the first carbohydrate formula that allows athletes to use both carbs and fats for fuel. This is without a doubt, the next generation in sports supplementation

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